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The basics of flexible packaging printing flexography rotogravure presented by. About pad printing technology pad printing technology has. You may also modify the pattern even a marker is made, the modification will be reflected to the marker. Today, pad printing is a well established technology covering a wide spectrum of industries and applications. Pad printing on plastic parts custom pad printing services. It covers pdf, fonts, file formats, design and anything else that catches my interest. Medical pad printing offers many advantages over other forms of marking and labeling, especially in the invasive medical device and diagnostic world.

This is the ideal solution if you are seeking an efficient, costeffective, userfriendly package thats more robust to meet your businesss needs. This discussion of innovations in padprinting technology presents case studies that illustrate the efficacy of modern pad presses and examines some challenging jobs for which. In pad printing, the transfer of ink is usually dependent on the evaporation of the solvents. But how does your original artwork get to the plate. Pad printing theory the pad printing process or tampon printing is more and more important to industrial applications every year. Start pad printing without considerable outlay print a short series of objects without disturbing normal printing process then we can recommend our manual pad printer 90. These pad printers are used in the same industry fields previously mentioned, but perform more complex and detailed color printing jobs. Pad print pros was born out of my passion for the science of pad printing. Pad printing 101 the ultimate guide to pad printing.

Offset, for instance, can only be used to print on flat surfaces. This is a great resource for anyone getting started with pad printing or wanting to learn more about its history. From medical device manufacturers clean rooms to automotive manufacturing assembly lines, pad printing machines serve the spectrum of industrial product marking and consumer product decorating needs. This is a ready to run and includes everything you will need to start now. Technical documentation medical device pad printing. The offered machine can be used to print the exfactory date, batch number, bar code, issues and other details. Our trained staffs provide the highest quality pad printing, laser marking, laser etching and hot stamping services. The range of pad printing starts with functional markings such as on measuring cups or on. We carry over different standard printing pad shapes and sizes. Understanding the pad in pad printing comec france. Pad printing technology bibliographies cite this for me.

Pad printing also called tampography is a printing process that can transfer a 2d image onto a 3d object. Apply our decades of experience with pad printing tampoprinting, and pad printer consulting to your business. We can supply you with consumables to maintain your pad printing machines running. Pad printing became popular following world war ii when watchmakers began printing on the curved surfaces of watch faces. The ability to print on formerly unprintable surfaces caught the imaginations of engineers and designers, and as a result pad printing exploded into the mass production marketplace.

While we offer a variety of product printing options for nearly any rigid substrate, we are most often asked about our custom plastic pad printing, especially for plastic injection molded parts. Pad printing theory the pad printing process or tampon. With our inhouse capabilities, we have experience in printing on flat, oval, concave or convex, and. Solid silicon rubber called as pad picks up the image from the plate and then transferred on the product. A list of material substrates on which touchmark can print. To meet the demands of the market pad printing continually rises to new challenges. The following suggestions are a guide intended especially for those new to the opportunities presented by a business that offers a pad printing service. We can print on anodized aluminum if the anodizing is properly seal coated for the pad printing process. Pad printers, padprinting and tosh printers and marking. The need to customize materials deposition will only increase as market niches continue to increase and narrow. The whole system, consisting of machine, plate, pad, ink and substrate has to be matched in order to achieve perfect results. Pdf because pad printing can be used on 3d substrates, it has attracted the attention of many researchers in the field of printed electronics.

Printing technology is often carried out as a large scale industrial process, and is an essential part of publishing and transaction printing. Pad printing pad characteristics that affect imprint are shape, size, hardness, surface finish, and material. Ultimately, there are a variety of application for pad printing, so many that its guaranteed youve touched several pad printed items in the last few minutes alone. Pad printing glossary, common terms technical bulletin from. One of the founding principles of printexs business model for the past 37 years has been practice what you preach. We have deep knowledge born out of over 40 years of experience of the entire product decoration process from art through production. Choosing a graphical printing technique requires extensive consideration into. In an attempt to explain these words and phrases, we have compiled an alphabetical listing of them and their definitions. Two of the most prominent printing methods available today are pad printing. Pad printing pads are responsible for picking up the image from the etched plate. Also will give a full day training on how to use from start to finish. Pad printing began to conquer market shares over hot stamping and screen printing in the early 1970s, especially in printing areas where other methods showed their limits or could not be used altogether.

Mar 30, 2016 these are the sources and citations used to research pad printing. The form used for pad printing is a plate of etched steel or washed. Pad printing on the other hand was developed for printing on curved surfaces. This bibliography was generated on cite this for me on wednesday, march 30, 2016. Printing international manufactures industrial pad printing machines adjusted to your specific products. To some extent, pad printing also replaces other decorating processes, such as screen printing, labeling and hot stamping. This ability to print on unprintable substrates has turned the pad printing process into a wellestablished technology and is used today across multiple industries such as medical, cosmetics, electronics, and more. Better machine design has enabled better consistency in setting and more importantly easy adjustment of each phase of the print cycle. Pad printing began to conquer market shares over hot stamping and screen printing in the early 1970s, especially in printing areas where other methods. The second completed project is concerned with a 3d digitizer coming from a game pad to be use next to 3d print out any. Pad printing was discovered for newer, broader applications and with the help of silicone pads and new machine constructions it truly blossomed. Pad printing opens up new possibilities which were not available with traditional printing processes, or which could be exploited only with great effort.

Inline digital printing solutions consulting integration support factory automation turnkey printing solutions and integration kits the core competence of hsausa is developing and manufacturing of high resolution inkjet printers utilizing xaar 1001 technology. Going from printing pads, to printing plates, pad printing ink or even gloves or workstations. This is accomplished using an indirect offs et gravure printing process that involves an image being transferred from the printing plat e cliche via a silicone pad onto a substrate surface to be pr inted. All microprint pad printing equipment is available with optional automatic tape pad cleaning devices and viscomatic ink viscosity controls which aid in keeping you printing. Designers, manufacturers, engineers and managers would be well served to explore the ways pad printing can be. When choosing the pad size for a particular application, keep in mind the pads body acts as the foundation for the print surface. Pad printing technology bradenton, florida, fl 34203. This article examines the latest advances in pad printing technology and highlights several applications and innovations that will keep pad printing a fixture in the future of industrial printing. Screen printing the differences explained while its best left up to the experts, its still beneficial to have an idea of whats involved with each process. The key elements to the pad printing process are the pad, the cliche, and the ink. Standard pad printing machines sealed ink cup e series with the sealed ink cup e series you will receive a modern and technologically highquality electropneumatic pad printing machine. Printex contract printing department is the bed rock for our research and development, product improvement and real time practical demonstration of the pad printing process to potential equipment customers. The printing pad should not interfere with the inking cup, cliche or any ink that may build up along the edges of the cliche while compressing. What is pad printing pad printing explained unique.

Today, pad printing has reached a technical advanced state and the range is quite diversified. Jul 05, 2015 how to use 4 color pad printing machine pad printing machinep543. The variety of possibilities of pad printing may imply that the system is difficult. Model mpp 50 r with an aim to fulfill varied requirements of our valued clients, we are engaged in offering manual pad printing machine. The pad printing process is flexible and versatile. The best way to do this is to send your artwork in a pdf vector black or adobe illustrator format in the highest. The best way to do this is to send your artwork in a pdf. Electric pad printer printing machine tshirt ink print pvc mug ball pen machine. Pad printing services, ink formulations, wholesale custom.

Printing technology using the higher parts of the printing block for ink transfer. We offer pad printing equipment, supplies, machinery, accessories, services. This evaporation induces a tackiness on the surface of the ink film which modifies the adhesive behavior of the ink. Pad printing tampography machines supplies support. Discover different tampography machines tailored to your industry with the designated supplies to start producing. Pad printing process pad printing is indirect printing process. Request pdf pad printing pad printing is a printing process, which enables printing on substrates where other printing techniques show limitations or cannot. Nov 08, 2011 pad printing process pad printing is indirect printing process. It is the variety and uniqueness of pad printing which makes the process indispensable. After obtaining a degree in printing technology, i spent six years process engineering screen and pad printed automotive instrumentation and controls before going to work as an applications. My printing career began with screen printing textiles and plastics in 1987. The sealed ink cup e can be connected to transfer systems or components of your automated system. Pad printing is a printing process that ca n transfer a 2d image onto a 3d object. Pdf a comprehensive study on 3d printing technology.

If you are new to the industry or even if you are an old timer we believe that this glossary will be enlightening. Printing technologies flexo printing gravure printing. Our silicone transfer pads, cliches and accessories make us the one stop location for all your pad printing needs. Pad printing technology enables twodimensional graphics to be printed on threedimensional surfaces. Offset printing is a widely used printing technique where the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. Pad printing allows new designing possibilities for engineers and designers and as a result, the products are becoming more attractive and functional. Eps offers pad printing machines at every price point, some with pneumatic drive and some with servoelectric function. Its first plainpaper office copier follows in 1973. Pad printers, padprinting and tosh printers and marking equipment. In a sealed ink cup system the ink cup glides from its position over the printing image. Published in 2015, this book by john kaverman tells you everything you need to know, whether youre new to the process and want to purchase smart hit the ground running, or are a seasoned technician looking for a different perspective on an issue that youre struggling with. This is accomplished using an indirect offset printing process that involves an image being transferred from the cliche via a silicone pad onto a substrate.

The eazy series of pad printing machines features a largediameter cup at an affordable price. Screen printing the differences explained when creating promotional products for your brand, theres a high chance that your printing company will either use pad printing or screen printing. Pad printing pads offered in a variety of materials inkcups. A pad printing pad is the ink transfer mechanism in a pad printing machine. About pad printing technology pad printing technology has successfully printed on a wide variety of parts that come in many different shapes and sizes. Pad printing supplies ais inks and supplies are the solution to all your pad printing needs. When sending artwork to pad printing technology for use in making your cliches, it needs to be cameraready. The pad printing process or tampon printing as it is known in europe, is becoming more and more important to industrial applications every year. This direct imaging technology looks promising but even though other vendors start offering similar solutions it never really catches on. The pad compresses onto the inkfilled etch to pickup the image. The basic pad printing process is simple enough in nature. Upgrades in inks and pads have helped make the process more controllable.

Pad printing, pad printing equipment, modular design, pad. How to use 4 color pad printing machine pad printing machinep543. At pad printing technology our staff has the specialized skills to create and manipulate an image prior to etching it onto pad printing plates. Due to the absence of a solvent in uv inks, the surface of the ink film is not altered. Pad printing equipment is extremely versatile and can be used to do either product decoration or marking on a very wide range of items and substrates. The pad printing industry is filled with an array of commonly used terms. Read more here about how pad printing works and how pad printing technology has changed over time. Pad marker design also provide an online auto nesting system or let you use some third parties auto nesting. Some machine requirements are consistent for all padpadprinting applications. Sealed ink cup e series inventor and market leader in pad. The ink must be transferred as a film to achieve optimal results with respect to hiding power and sharpness. Pad printing technology allows highly defined imprints to be transferred onto shaped surfaces, including recessed and special contours. Pad printing machines engineered printing solutions. Instead of a xerographic process, this copier uses a developer free technology that later on will also be used in oces high volume printers.

The ability of the technique to print on surfaces that werent considered printable earlier made it a popular technique amongst imaginations and designers. Automated visual inspection for the quality control of pad printing. The pad printing process is used to transfer a 2d image onto a 3d object, such as injection molded plastic parts. We specialize in custom made machines for different industries. Pad printing technology is a specialized company for the medical manufacturing, rapid prototyping tools and device industry. Oce enters the office printing market with an electrophotographic process for copying documents using a special chemicallytreated type of paper. This article will show how the pad printing process works and why it is especially suited for printing on irregular shaped objects a. Choose from a wide range of the highest quality silicone printing pads, designed specifically for industrial pad printing applications. Pad printing technology for the mint industry tecaprint. The pad then slides over the part and once again compresses to apply the image. Image transfer is done like offset printing process. Quality, july 94, page 94 and cliche selection in pad printing nov. Pad printing technology for the mint industry mint workstation with tpx 301 pad printing machine.

What started out as a method to print simple marks and inscriptions now goes beyond to the artistic decoration prints. This technical brochure aims at giving an overview illustrated with microprint pad printing machines. Below weve explained some of the key difference between pad printing and screen printing. The ability to costeffectively handle anything from small parts with microscopic printing to large panels while maintaining superior quality is one of the touchmark advantages. Each one is customizable with automatic load and unload, pretreatment and curing options. The goals of the designer or the way a document has been laid out can also help determine which the most suitable reproduction technology is. Trans tech, based in carol stream, il, is a global market leader in the design and manufacture of pad printing technology for product decoration.

Jan 15, 2009 we are selling our pad printing business. Pad printing machines motorized pad printing machine. With over 100 years of combined experience our management team is second to none. A basic overview of the pad printing process by peter kiddell the basic pad printing process is simple enough in nature. Some of our most popular printing pads include silicone printing pads, tampoprint standard and antistatic pads and rotary pads. Pad printing pads play a crucial role in the pad printing process. Pad printing, today is a wellrecognized technology with a wide range of applications being covered in all industries. Pad printing provides superior high volume output, when consistent quality is of the utmost concern. Stack plastics custom pad printing services allow you add longlasting lettering, numbering, logos, or other designs to your parts. We offer pad printing equipment, supplies, machinery, accessories, services and much more. Pad printing is a tried and true technology that is flexible enough to adapt to a vast variety of substrates and substances. We offer a variety of pad printing inks in a wide range of colors and for many different substrates. It is combination of gravure and offset printing process. Digital, direct to plate engraving is the latest innovation in flexo plate technology.

Pad printing 101 basic information technical bulletin from. A transfer pad picks up the image from a cliche plate, and it is then imprinted onto the part. Pad marker design can handle complicated nesting requirement such as fabric color shading, plaid and stripes, combine styles, etc. Find pad printing machines also called tampography machines to decorate your products.

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