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Scales should be played in all keys, at varying tempi at with different articulations. We also do some i playyou play improvisation practice using a playalong track. They function well because they are simple and continue reading. See george russells lydian chromatic concept, oliver messiaens harmonic concept, nicolas slonimsky, schoenberg, dave liebman, hindemith etc. The blues scale for alto sax and eb instruments digital. Minors are written out in both major and minor keys.

Its a very useful and versatile scale to know and its where you should start your blues saxophone improvisation studies. All the scales for the tenor sax sax on the web forum. This text deals with many technique issues jazz musicians encounter in the real world. This scale is much used above all in blues,pop,jazz,soul,funk,rhythm and blues,rock. If you follow this link you can download the backing track and pdf guide to give the improv lesson a try yourself.

Heres a free sheet i give to all my students after they learn their major scales. Its the most valuable way to jump start your blues skills. Jazz improvisation lessons jazz saxophone for beginners. I have also included the 5 box patterns you need to learn in order to memorize the blues scales in all. Some players have a memorised collection or repertoire of favourite licks that they will throw into a solo every now and then. You should hear them, feel them, know them, eat them and whatever comes next with them. If youre a saxophonist interested in playing any type of blues based music including rock and roll and even jazz then you need to use the blues scale as your number one tool to make things sound right.

In chapter 5 we discussed how modal scales can be applied to a iivi progression. To summarize, the most important scales to learn first are the major, dorian, and mixolydian scales because they help you navigate major 7th, minor 7th, and dominant b7 chords, respectively. If youre ready to get started, you can enroll here. Emphasis is placed on interpreting and performing with the proper style using a combination of pentatonic and blues scales. This pdf contains the scale charts for the blues scale in all keys for guitar in standard tuning. Printable scales written for the saxophone, including major, melodic minor, harmonic minor, natural minor and chromatic below are both printable pdf and html links to all the major, minor and chromatic scales for saxophone. Free 12 major blues scale sheet neffmusicjazz saxophone. Download the free the child thief brom epub download. Free 12 blues scales sheet neffmusicjazz saxophone and. Here is a pdf of the 36 important scales major, dorian, and. If you dont find that the blues foundation course has helped you improve as a sax player, and learn how to. An mp3 funk blues playalong track is included with the lesson. The blues scale for alto saxophone and eb instruments by andrew d. Hi, heres a quick video to show you how to play the g blues scale on alto saxophone.

Or only the notes from the minor pentatonic scale, or even fewer notes if you want. One of the reasons the jazz greats sound different than you is the fact they have so many sounds scales, chords, patterns, ideas at their disposal. Existing customers automatically get the upgrade delivered free to your email. Its just a sheet with all the 12 blues scales on it. The scale is used in many different styles of music, such as rock, blues, and jazz. To play the blues is a fascinating undertaking because it can be both simplistic and yet intangibly tricky to master. Jazz educations purpose is to give you the basics you need in learning to play jazz or to improvise. These may repeat exactly over and over if they fit any chord changes, but very.

You can get more charts in with custom tunings using my interactive scale generator here. Chord scale exercises motif exercises finger busters. The penatanic major and the c major scales see the. I remember being introduced to the blues scale in jazz band when i was a sixth grader. The f major blues scale starts on f and its home base root note is f.

Improv improvisation is the art of composing music on the spot. Tonal organizations and applications over dominant 7th chords. A blues scale consists of 6 different notes, namely the root, flat 3rd, 4th, flat 5th, 5th and flat 7th of the major scale. Hi, heres a quick video to show you how to play the a blues scale on alto saxophone. Practicing, using the exercises found in this booklet or in vol. One octave major and minor scales alto saxophone baritone saxophone boltz bands concert c major a major. Riffs, on the other hand, are usually licks or phrases that are repeated as part of a tune or improvised backings.

These four scales also happen to be symmetrical in their intervallic construction. And when used in the right places, a very hip sounding tool. They are improv, technique, ear training and history. Some people seem to be able to memorize the blues jazz patterns by flatting this and sharping that, etc. Print and download in pdf or midi saxophone blues scales. If you want to learn the blues scale on saxophone, check out this quick video tutorial to show you what it is, how to play it and how you can learn the building blocks of the blues scale so you. Free pdf of all major and minor blues scales sax on the web. Low prices on tahrib i harabat pdf download sax scales. The scale syllabus can help you uncover new sounds.

Music educational books and sheet music downloads for blues, jazz, funk, latin, gospel, rock, celtic styles for instruments including piano, keyboards, sax. Jason davis music lesson overview a standard lesson will last 30 minutes and will consist of 4 basic areas. There is a major pentatonic scale and a minor pentatonic scale. This is a nice easy demonstration of the notes that make up the a blues scale and which keys on your.

This is a nice easy demonstration of the notes that make. Moving my right little finger from the e flat key to the low c key feels really clunky, and i end up with a. The pentatonic scale is perhaps our most versatile collection of notes for improvising and playing melodically. This pdf lesson includes a number of diminished scale patterns along with a discussion of the theory needed to understand the application of diminished scale material. On this page i will show you the easiest way to derive major and minor pentatonic and blues scales from any major scale.

Minor pentatonic has one less note than the blues scale, so theyre practically the same scale. Mar 03, 2002 as you learn the scales you gradually get to learn not just the intervals that make up the shape of that scale, but by visualising them like this you can get to hear in your head how they sound, so that instead of needing to learn each note of a scale one by one parrot fashion you will gradually develop the skill and aural ability that allows your ears to instantly and subconsciously tell. Blues scales for saxophone jason justice saxophone teacher. When this happens, the blues scale is often the first jazz scale that the student is taught. All the scales for the tenor sax i have to truly commend those of you who actually put some time into responding to this post. Both of these scales can be used in blues songs, pop songs, funk, swing, jazz, and rock music. Lets learn the blues scales on piano and keyboard in every key. To help do this you should not only play the scales on your saxophone, but sing the scales, this will really help you to develop an ear for them which will make learning and, more importantly, putting them to good musical use, that much speedier. The use of a halfstep wholestep diminished scale over the dominant chord is very common in bebop. Notre dame college marching band woodwind technique book alto sax. The pentatonic scale pentatonic scales have only five notes penta means five. Just the blues scale can be considered a basis for a particular key blues.

Blues improvisation lesson for saxophone read more. The more scales you know, the more resources youll have to pull from when its time to branch out and solo improvise. For instance, in the c blues scale the notes are c. The 2020 upgrade to the pentatonic package features. This pdf lesson includes a number of diminished scale patterns along with a discussion of. Of course, ideally you dont need or want these written out do you.

Whether its jazz, rock and roll, or country, these scales are used in every style. Its just a sheet with all the 12 major blues scales on it. The basic ingredients in music are scales, chords, melody, rhythm, and harmony. Eb saxophone blues scales sheet music for alto saxophone. The blues scale is one of the first guitar scales we explore on the guitar when learning how to solo. Licks are short musical phrases used in jazz, blues and rock improvising. Free 12 major blues scale sheet steve neff music blog. I am offering a free pdf of all major and minor blues scales, written out in all keys. For example, the f major blues scale is the same as the d blues scale some people call this the minor blues scale but the d blues scale starts on d and its home base root note is d. One octave major and minor scales alto saxophone baritone. Blues scales blues is an irresistible tonality for a guitar player. Aug, 2018 with the blues foundation course, youll get 30 video lessons, 36 blues backing tracks in all 12 keys and four styles, a pdf course guide, and audio examples of everything youll learn.

Pentatonic patterns for improvisation is only available as pdf and mp3 downloads. Free pdf of all major and minor blues scales sax on the. Often new players are drawn to the instrument because of a desire to play the blues. Concert eflat blues scale is the altos c blues scale c, eflat, f, fsharp, g, bflat, then c the alto sax s eflat blues scale has the notes.

Usually its the next scale learned after the major and minor scales. Jazz scale applications the preceding scales are here roughly arranged from most consonant to most dissonant in relation to the following chord types. The pentatonic and blues scales are fun to play around with and give you a certain bluesy sound. Note that the top four notes of this scale are the same as the straight dominant scale the bit you have to work on is the bottom f our notes. For example, the f major blues scale is the same as the d blues scale some people call this the minor blues scale but the d blues scale starts on d and its home base root note. Exercises and examples are transposed for alto and tenor sax. These are four of the synthetic scales used in jazz. How to play the blues scale saxophone lessons youtube.

Mar 11, 2015 recently i did a post about the 3 most important jazz scales for beginning improvisers. In some respects, teaching the this scale as the first jazz scale makes sense. The blues scale alto saxophone essential lesson what. If youd like to delve more deeply into melodic minor scales and how they apply to iivi chord progressions, consider my pdf book, melodic minor scale jazz studies. All of the content can be viewed and streamed from the members area as well. Blues improvisation lesson for saxophone better sax. Blues saxophone improvisation with simple 5 note scales. Inspiring new exercises that will open your mind and ears to the expansive world of possibilities found inside the pentatonic scale includes 12 new mp3 playalongs. Major pentatonic scale the major pentatonic scale shares five notes with the major scale. Sep 07, 2002 further application of scales to improvisation over chord changes. Alto sax 2 pdf 121 kb every day i have the blues alto sax 1 pdf 155 kb every day i. Once we embrace the concept of thinking of scales and other musical elements as patterns of intervals, playing them in different keys no longer seems like.

Jan 09, 2018 if you take a look at the sheet you might notice that the scales are the same as the scales on my free 12 blues scales sheet but that they start on a different note. Gordon is he feels, one of his most important books because of the nature of the blues scale and how it is used to improvise in many styles of contemporary music. Apr 03, 2017 hi, heres a quick video to show you how to play the a blues scale on alto saxophone. This collection of patterns serves as a resource of practice material to improve your technique with the pentatonic scale in all keys. Usually, we begin improvising on songs like blues in bb or f, satin doll, maiden voyage, or summertime. Of course, just like with the pentatonic scales, the major blues scale sounds like this, its relative major blues.

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